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EGU - OSP-Preis Oktober 2015 Michael Stoelzle et al.:
Improved baseflow characterization in mountainous catchments
EGU - Highlight Article Juni 2015 Andreas Hartmann et al. (2015, GMD):
A large-scale simulation model to assess karstic groundwater recharge over Europe and the Mediterranean
Uni FR - IGA-Prize Dezember 2013 Andreas Hartmann:
Prize for excellent commitment for PhD students by the International Graduate Academy (IGA) of the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg
City of Dresden -
GW Research Prize
Juni 2013 Andreas Hartmann:
Modeling karst hydrology and hydrochemistry at different scales and in different climates considering uncertainty
TdH - Poster Award April 2013 Irene Kohn et al.:
2011 - Ein Jahr hydrologischer Extreme in Deutschland?
Jim Dooge Award -
Best Publication

April 2013 Andreas Hartmann et al. (2012, HESS): A new approach to model the spatial and temporal variability of recharge to karst aquifers
best 2012 publication in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences
Die Zeit / academics.de
Young Scientist of the Year
November 2012 Andreas Hartmann:
2nd prize in the "Young Scientist of the Year" competition, awarded by the big German newspaper "Die Zeit" and "academics.de" for an excellent research project and social engagement
TdH - Poster Award April 2012 Jakob Garvelmann et al.:
Potential der Zeitraffer-Fotografie zur Beobachtung der räumlichen Verteilung von Schneedeckeneigenschaften
EGU - Travel Award April 2011 Andreas Hartmann:
Travel Award of the European Geosciences Union (EGU)
IAH - Researcher Prize September 2009 Andreas Hartmann:
Young Karst Researcher Prize, International Association of Hydrogeologists IAH, Commission on Karst Hydrology
Uni FR - Alumni Award Februar 2009 Andreas Hartmann:
Alumni award of the Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences, Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg for an excellent final exam, social commitment and an excellent master thesis
Certificate of Excellence November 2003 Jürgen Strub et al., für die Kartographie des Hydrologischen Atlas von Deutschland: "First Place - Battle of the Maps / Atlas Cartography" der Softwarefirma Corporate Montage


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