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Van Tiel, M., Stahl, K, Freudiger, D., Seibert, J. (2020): Glacio-hydrological model calibration and evaluation, WIREs Water, volume: 7, issue: 6, page: e1483

Tijdeman, E., Stahl, K., Tallaksen, L. M. (2020): Drought characteristics derived based on the Standardized Streamflow Index: A large sample comparison for parametric and nonparametric methods. Water Resources Research, 56, e2019WR026315. https://doi.org/10.1029/2019WR026315

Orlowski, N., Breuer, L. (2020): Sampling soil water along the pF curve for δ2H and δ18O analysis. Hydrological Processes, https://doi.org/10.1002/hyp.13916

Ries, F., Kirn, L., Weiler, M. (2020) + Weiler, M. (2020) - Vorwort: Experimentelle Untersuchung der Abflussbildung bei Starkregen – Hydrologie & Wasserbewirtschaftung, 64, (5), 221-236. DOI: 10.5675/HyWa_2020.5_1

Stoelzle, M., Staudinger, M., Stahl, K., Weiler, M. (2020): Stress testing as complement to climate scenarios: recharge scenarios to quantify streamflow drought sensitivity, Proc. IAHS, 383, 43–50.

Kübert, A., Paulus, S., Dahlmann A, Werner, C., Rothfuss, Y., Orlowski, N., Dubbert, M. (2020): Water Stable Isotopes in Ecohydrological Field Research: Comparison Between In Situ and Destructive Monitoring Methods to Determine Soil Water Isotopic Signatures. Front. Plant Sci. 11:387. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2020.00387

Meder, L., Müller, W., Kruse, S., Stoelzle, M. (2020): Wassernutzungskonflikte in Baden-Württemberg im Dürrejahr 2018. Projektbericht. Hydrologie und Wasserwirtschaft, Jg. 64, Heft 3, 159-160.

Ries, F., Kirn, Lara, Weiler, M. (2020): Runoff reaction from extreme rainfall events on natural hillslopes: a data set from 132 large-scale sprinkling experiments in south-western Germany, Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 12, 245–255

Stoelzle, M, Schuetz, T., Weiler, M., Stahl, K., Tallaksen, L. M. (2020): Beyond binary baseflow separation: a delayed-flow index for multiple streamflow contributions, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., volume: 24, issue: 2, pages: 849 - 867

Van Tiel, M., Kohn, I., Van Loon, A., Stahl, K. (2020): The compensating effect of glaciers: Characterizing the relation between interannual streamflow variability and glacier cover, Hydrological Processes, volume: 34, pages: 553 - 568

Bork, M., Lange, J., Graf-Rosenfellner, M., Lang, F. (2020): Controls of fluorescent tracer retention by soils and sediments, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., Copernicus Publications, volume: 24, issue: 2, pages: 977 - 989

Fernández-Pascual, E., Bork, M., Hensen, B., Lange, J. (2020): Hydrological tracers for assessing transport and dissipation processes of pesticides in a model constructed wetland system, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., Copernicus Publications, volume: 24, issue: 1, pages: 41 - 60

Hellwig, J., de Graaf, I. E. M., Weiler, M., Stahl, K. (2020): Large-Scale Assessment of Delayed Groundwater Responses to Drought, Water Resources Research, volume: 56, issue: 2

Olarinoye, T., Gleeson, T., Marx, V., Seeger, [...] Hartmann, A. (2020): Global karst springs hydrograph dataset for research and management of the world’s fastest-flowing groundwater, Sci Data, volume: 7

Mewes, B., Oppel, H., Marx, V., Hartmann, A. (2020): Information based machine‐learning for tracer signature prediction in karstic environments, Water Resour Res, volume: 56, issue: 2

Kingston, D.G., Massei, N., Dieppois, B., Hannah, D.M., Hartmann, A., Lavers, D.A., Vidal, J.‐P. (2020): Moving beyond the catchment scale: value and opportunities in large‐scale hydrology to understand our changing world, Hydrol Process

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