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Markus Weiler, Andreas Hänsler, Janek Zimmer und Markus Moser (2019): Nutzung von Radardaten im Starkregenrisikomanagement in Baden- Württemberg. WasserWirtschaft 12-2019, S.63-67

Inge E. M. de Graaf, Tom Gleeson, L. P. H. (Rens) van Beek, Edwin H. Sutanudjaja & Marc F. P. Bierkens (2019): Environmental flow limits to global groundwater pumping. Nature volume 574, pages90–94 (2019)

Heudorfer, B., Haaf, E., Stahl, K., & Barthel, R. (2019): Index‐based characterization and quantification of groundwater dynamics. Water Resources Research, 55, 5575–5592. https://doi.org/10.1029/2018WR024418

Sprenger, M., Stumpp, C., Weiler, M.,Aeschbach, W., Allen, S. T., Benettin,P., et al. (2019). The demographics ofwater: A review of water ages in thecritical zone. Reviews of Geophysics, 57. https://doi.org/10.1029/2018RG000633Received 25 NOV 2018Accepted 3 MAY 2019Accepted article online 20 MAY 2019SPRENGER ET AL.1
Erfurt, M., Glaser, R. & Blauhut, V. (2019): Changing impacts and societal responses to drought in southwestern Germany since 1800. In Reg Environ Change.https://doi.org/10.1007/s10113-019-01522-7

Guse, B., Pilz, T., Stoelzle, M.,Bormann, H. (2019): Charakterisierung und Analyse hydrologischer Modelle im deutsch-
sprachigen Raum.
Wasser und Abfall, 05-2019

Meyer, J., Kohn, I., Stahl, K., Hakala, K., Seibert, J., and Cannon, A. J. (2019): Effects of univariate and multivariate bias correction on hydrological impact projections in alpine catchments. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 23, 1339-1354.

Fernández-Pascuala, E., Zaman, S., Bork, M., Lang, F., Lange, J. (2019): Long-term mesocosm experiments to investigate degradation of fluorescent tracers. Journal of Hydrology X, Vol.2, Jan. 2019, 100014

Staudinger, M., Stoelzle, M., Cochandc, F., Seibert, J., Weiler, M., Hunkelerc, D. (2019): Your work is my boundary condition! Challenges and approaches for a closer collaboration between hydrologists and hydrogeologists. Journal of Hydrology 571, 235-243

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