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Ongoing scientific projects and research plans

Review on low flow events for synthesis report Hydro-CH2018 (“Climate Change and its consequences on Hydrology in Switzerland”)
DRIeR - Drought impacts, processes and resilience: making the invisible visible
The concept of near-natural water balances in urban water management - long-term impacts on groundwater recharge, evapotranspiration and runoff generation
MUTReWa: Measures for a more sustainable use of pesticides and their transformation products in the Regional Water Management
MulDiScan - Multi-dimensional collection of environmental data for estimating geo risks and as basis for a sustainable use of complex habitats.
Phosphor II - Phosphorus and water flux dynamics in runoff and plant uptake in forested headwaters
Phosphorus losses during simulated extreme precipitation on hillslopes
RoGeR 2 - Generierung von einheitlichen Datengrundlagen für die hydraulische Modellierung von Starkregenereignissen - Projektphase 2
TrenDHy (Tracing Trends and Change of Drought in Hydrosystems)
Validation of critical limits for nitrogen of selected forest communities
Validation of surface runoff following extreme precipitation events on hillslopes
Vulnerabilität Grundwasser
WaSiG – Urban water balances: Concepts and tools for urban water management

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