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Ongoing PhD projects

Current PhD students at the Chair of Hydrology:

student thesis assistance keywords
Demand, Dominic Spatio-temporal dynamics of soil water storage and infiltration processes Markus Weiler
  • Analyzing saturated and unsaturated water storage dynamics
  • Classification of infiltration processes and the influences on soil moisture
  • Soil hydrological mapping of relevant parameters
  • Modelling of runoff generation processes using RoGeR
Fernández, Elena Fluorescent tracers to study processes of pesticide transformation in stream systems Jens Lange, Friederike Lang
  • Analysis of degradation and sorption processes in a laboratory flume mesocosm
  • Multi-tracer field experiments in stream systems and artificial wetlands
  • Modeling of the data collected by the use of a dynamic transport model
  • Creation of scenarios and recommendations for suitable measures in the regional water management
Freudiger, Daphné Assessment of snow redistribution for hydrological modeling in the Alps Markus Weiler, Jan Seibert
(Uni Zürich)
  • Assessment of the spatial variability of the snow cover at the large scale using remote sensing and discharge measurements
  • Conceptual modeling of the snow redistribution for the computation of snow and ice melt
  • Analysis of the influence of snow redistribution on discharge
Hellwig, Jost On Trends of Drought in Groundwater Dominated Hydrosystems of Central Europe Kerstin Stahl,
Markus Weiler
  • Nonlinear trends of drought frequency, severity and duration
  • Changed groundwater responses on precipitation deficit due to changes in hydrological system
  • Identification and quantification of different factors (e.g. climate change, land use changes, …)
Heudorfer, Benedikt Groundwater dynamics during drought Kerstin Stahl
  • Effect of gradually or abruptly changing processes on groundwater during dry conditions
  • Reciprocity of groundwater with surface water systems during dry conditions
  • Time series analysis, transit time modelling and numerical modelling
Hoffmann, Annemarie Estimating the risk of flood and landslides with a multi-dimensional, UAV-based measuring system Markus Weiler
  • Sensor validation through results of terrestrial measurements in exclusive test sites
  • Detection of wild run off and coupling with RoGeR model
  • Multi-dimensional recording of landslides
Jackisch, Nicole Urban Hydrology and its influence by groundwater Markus Weiler
  • Rainwater management/rainwater infiltration
  • Interaction of groundwater and surface water
  • Tracer and isotope studies in urban hydrology
  • Effects of rainwater infiltration on groundwater quality
Kaplan, Nils Surface Connectivity: From Hillslope Contributions to Expanding Stream Networks Markus Weiler
  • Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of the Expanding Stream Network
  • Time-Lapse Camera Monitoring in the Attert Catchment (Luxemburg)
  • Detection of Infiltration Excess Overland Flow
  • Implementing Temporal and Spatial Dynamic Stream Networks in the Hydrological Model RoGeR
Koelbing, Merle Spatial variability of meteorological parameters in urban areas and actual evapotranspiration from urban surfaces Tobias Schütz, Markus Weiler, Andreas Christen (UBC Vancouver)
  • Assessment of the spatial variability of meteorological parameters in the mesoscale using measurements taken by a mobile climate station in Freiburg i. Br. (Germany)
  • Modeling meteorological parameters according to the surrounding settlement structure on the basis of a LIDAR dataset with 1x1m² resolution as spatial input data
  • Developing an evapotranspiration layer for urban areas based on the Penman-Monteith equation for the already existing runoff generation model RoGeR
Schaffitel, Axel assessing the soil water budget of urban areas Markus Weiler, Kurt Roth (IUP, Universität Heidelberg)
  • Analyzing the solil water budged of partly sealed areas
  • green storm water management
  • Distrubution of stabile water isotopes in the soil soil
  • soil moisture measurments
Seeger, Stefan The influence of biodiversity on soil water redistribution and the amounts and source depths of plant water uptake Markus Weiler, M. Scherer-Lorenzen, Inst. für Biologie II, Geobotanik, Uni Freiburg
  • in-situ measurement of stable water isotope in the soil
  • determination of transpiration rates and water uptake depths of different vegetation types
  • quantification of soil water redistribution
Tijdeman, Erik Natural and anthropogenic controls on the characteristics, impacts and management of hydrological droughts Kerstin Stahl, Lena Tallaksen
  • Observed hydrological droughts in Europe, the USA and Australia
  • Natural and anthropogenic controls on the characteristics, impacts and management of hydrological droughts
  • Link between hydrological droughts, impacts and management



Graduate school "Environment, Society and Global Change" (ESGC)


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