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The concept of Hydrology is based on the science on water - one of the most important resources for humans and nature. Due to the steadily increasing worldwide water demand, availability, distribution and water quality are highly relevant subjects in the 21st century that cross the national borders. Principally, Hydrology concentrates on the spatial and temporal distribution of water in reference to its amount and quality above and under-ground.
In Freiburg, we teach Hydrology based on thematically structured instruction linked to a scientific and system-oriented approach. This is indispensable in order to find answers to current questions concerning water, environment, and climate change and to provide information in reference to important planning criteria, such as water policy, drinking water supply, flood prevention and water protection.


Master of Science Hydrology

This program is created especially for Natural, Engineering, Geological and Environmental science graduates. The aim is to provide a profound comprehension of hydrological systems, processes and context. The schedule offers an abstract and topical schooling, practical modules containing computer modeling, analysis of data and field technic as well as excursions.


Bachelor program

The Bachelor program “Environmental Sciences” with the minor subject “Environmental Hydrology” provides the scientific base for the Master of Hydrology Program at Fakultät für Forst- und Umweltwissenschaften.


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