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Hardware and Software


The computers at the chair of Hydrology are a part of the LAN network at the university. All employee offices are equipped with personal computers. Two high performance servers are available for CPU-demanding computations. Data is stored on two internal servers and one external server, which is maintained by the University’s computer center.

In addition to normal equipment, the chair has a Plotter which can be used to print posters and draft maps.

A exercise room with 8 workstations is available for students. Courses and exercises have use of the room first and foremost and when not in use for these reasons it is open to the students.
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Besides standard system software the chair of Hydrology provides its students and faculty with a wide assortment of hydrologic, hydraulic, mathematic, chemical, and graphical software such as:

  • Water and substance transport modeling software with options to include groundwater, vadose zone hydrology, plant-surface-atmosphere interactions, and surface water. (includes 1,2 and 3-D hydrodynamic transport) (i.e. HYDRUS, SWAT
  • Several different rainfall-runoff models (i.e. HBV, TOPMODEL)
  • Hydro chemical and water quality modeling software (i.e. PHREEQC)
  • Statistical software (i.e. R)
  • Water retention and age dating software
  • Several different GIS systems (i.e. SAGA)
  • Miscellaneous graphical and image editing programs

[In support of Open-source computing only Open-source software products are listed above; however commercial products are also used by the chair] 

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