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The duties of the cartography department at the Chair of Hydrology range from individual map production to the production of complex atlases. On the one hand the maps and illustrations are used in scientific publications for the presentation of research projects and results. On the other hand they are used for illustration purposes in educational and scientific presentations.

Of note in the cartography section are the two hydrological map series “Hydrological Atlas of Germany” (HAD), and the “Water and Soil Atlas of Baden-Württemberg” (WaBoA). The Atlases oriented towards the status and long term development of water resources at the Federal and State levels. They are modern informational documents that combine scientific actuality with methodical transparency and the newest information technology. They form the groundwork for public administration, the economic and scientific communities, and education and provide broad informational content for the environmentally minded citizen. Digital information systems and GIS-tools were created and used in the development of the Atlases, which continue to find a use in the formulation of water information systems.
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die Atlanten HAD und WaBoA     

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